We as a design firm are mainly active in branding, logos, and package design. By always asking “What is the essence,” we aim to establish the identity of companies and brands with a simple design.



To make your bard grow, communicating emotion to people is essential. Whether you are a large company looking to expand globally or a small shop, we believe we can help you achieve your goal of building an effective and recognizable image through design.


Start from “What is your strength?”



The logo cannot be given a shape right from the beginning. First of all, we will clarify your particular strength and weakness, and explore your identity by discovering your uniqueness.


Discover dreams and goals you were not aware of



Through repeated surveys and hearings, we will draw out representative keywords. At this stage, dreams and goals will become apparent that you were not aware of, and after organizing them and distilling them into a concept, we will proceed to the creation of a design.


Maximum effect by design



The finished design will be used on business cards, envelopes, and so on, to give it the most effective expression. By continued use, your brand will in time become widely known and become an asset of ever-growing value.



浅井 勉 グラフィックデザイナー

Tsutomu Asai, graphic designer
I live in Yokohama City. Graduated from the Department of Law at Nihon University Law School and the Kuwasawa Design Institute. After having worked in advertisement production companies and a brand consulting company, I now work freelance.